Dear readers,

We have made it to Thailand! Our first few days here were filled with meeting many 45665851_192692344941716_1972179691615813632_nwonderful people, learning about the Thai culture as well as how to teach English, and finding out how to deal with 94 degree weather everyday. On Sunday we had to say goodbye to the team members who are teaching at other locations around Bangkok. There are four different Santisuk English Schools placed around Bangkok, the main campus is in Bang Kapi, while the others are a 30-60 minute bus ride away.* It was a bitter-sweet moment when our teammates left. We know we will all make a difference wherever we are stationed, but it is hard to say goodbye to those that we have gotten so close to, even though it is only goodbye for a month.

45526150_10205261343290797_6293967714054569984_oIn between classes and meetings we have all had a wonderful time getting to know the staff at Santisuk, the other teachers, and of course, our students! Some of our highlights so far have been playing Bananagrams, exploring the city, and finding amazing street food. Some of us are having a bit of a struggle when we accidentally eat spicy food, but we are making it 45613265_2178829205484148_286644549671976960_othrough by eating loads of rice and drinking tons of water 🙂 But for those who love the spice, they are truly enjoying the variety of peppery dishes.



We look forward to many more adventures during our time here in Thailand!
































The three Sarahs who are running this blog are all stationed in three different locations. I (Sarah;) Am at the main campus. Throughout this month, you will be hearing three different perspectives from three of the different places. What fun!

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