Wednesday Update

45561809_278836969640108_965883976742862848_nTeaching, outreach, and creating new friendships have filled up the past week for those of us in Bang Kapi. We have continued to build relationships with the students, the staff at Santisuk, and even the street food vendors! It is an awesome feeling to look up one day and see all the ICS members sitting around bonding with new people, both learning and teaching, knowing that God is working in each one of our team members’ lives. I cannot wait to see how much more we all grow before the end of this adventure!

This week has been one of learning and steadfastness. We are hitting the point in the trip where we have settled in enough with each other and our location. Because of this, we have the ability to relax, take a step back, and have time to think. This allows some of us to take the time to think of home… our family, friends, pets, soft beds, and even snow (but maybe that is just me). Seeing as we’re not quite half way done with this trip, it can be an unwelcome feeling to miss home in such a strong way. Thankfully, we are surrounded by team members and new Thai friends who can come alongside us and give us the encouragement needed to make it through another day. They remind us of our purpose here. They remind us of Whose work we are doing and just how important our role is.

We have learned how to persevere in getting up each morning to teach even if we are tired or sick. We are continuing to learn how to lean onto God during the high and low moments. We are finding out that our group mates are more than merely peers from school, they are becoming more and more like our brothers and sisters. We have also found that we can be ok in the hot sun and that sweat will not kill us, though we may feel like it in the moment.

Though it has been one of the tougher weeks so far, we can feel Him with us. He is here in our moments of laughter and joy and He is here when we are feeling vulnerable, homesick, and oh so tired.




Prayer Requests:

-For team members to stay healthy and to heal quickly from any illness

-Bonding opportunities with students and Santisuk staff

-Feelings of homesickness fade and turn into passion for Thailand and its people

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