Konnichiwa from Japan!

We have made it to Japan – the last country on our trip! During the past couple days we have been volunteering with Shiogama Seisho church in Sendai, Japan. We have a fantastic host, Janet, who is bringing us everywhere we need to go. She has been a missionary in Japan for 35 years.


 Some of the activities we have been a part of are teaching English, spending time with the elderly at nursing homes, and some labor work such as cleaning up the beach and yard work. We’ve even had several opportunities to spread Christmas cheer through singing Christmas carols!
Japanese culture is very interesting. We have enjoyed learning more about their food, customs, traditions, religion, and history. The more we learn, the more obvious it becomes that Japan is a country searching for hope. We found out that Japan has many suicides each year with a dropping rate in population. Also, there is only 1 out of 200 people who are Christians. The people here are crying out, asking “What is the meaning of life?” We have been blessed to be a part of the answer. The hope of Jesus Christ!
This area of Sendai was hit in 2011 by a massive tsunami. People lost their lives, loved ones, and their homes. Today, they are still in the process of building homes and a new sea wall for protection in the future. We visited the Sendai Arahama Elementary School which 320 lives were saved on the day of the tsunami. The school is now a museum. It was an eye opening experience to see the devastation. Many on our team were moved by this reminder of God’s provision in the middle of extreme hardship and loss. Shiogama church also helped during the tsunami by offering a place of refuge and safety.
Prayer requests:
– Pray for the church to be a light in the community.
-Pray for the people of Japan to find hope in Jesus.
-Pray for the continuous recovery of the tsunami.

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