This Weekend in Thailand…

It has been a little over a week since the team has arrived in Thailand! We are enjoying the sunny weather and the great Thai food.

We just wrapped up the first week of classes at our Santisuk locations. It has been a joy to meet our students, to learn more about them, and to spend time teaching them English inside and outside the classroom.

Here are a couple highlights from this weekend:



Thomas, Rose, Dr. Payne, and some students went to JJ’s Market on Saturday, which is the biggest market in Thailand! (Pictured above)



Sarah H. and Cristina had a birthday party for their pastor’s son, CJ. They had fun teaching the children games such as Duck, Duck Goose! and Statues in the Garden. (Pictured above)



Emma and I had a great time with some of our students and teacher Rhesa. We visited the King Rama V Palace and the Red Lotus, which is a floating market. We had a great time riding in the boat in the lotus pond and eating lotus flower. (Pictured above)


I would also like you to meet one of my students. Oui is very high-spirited, funny, and hospitable. He is a joy to have in English class and to connect with outside class. I was able to share my faith with him on Saturday and he seemed very interested. Please pray that this encounter will lead him in the right direction. (Pictured above)

Prayer Requests:

– Pray for another good week of English classes.

– Pray for our team’s health.

– Pray for more opportunities to connect with students so that we may share the Gospel.

We look forward to another fun-filled week!

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