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Konnichiwa from Japan!

We have made it to Japan - the last country on our trip! During the past couple days we have been volunteering with Shiogama Seisho church in Sendai, Japan. We have a fantastic host, Janet, who is bringing us everywhere we need to go. She has been a missionary in Japan for 35 years.  ... Continue Reading →

Goodbye Thailand…

As our time in Thailand is drawing to a close, I think we are all having trouble saying goodbye to our students and friends. We have had so many adventures with our new friends! The last month has been incredible and exciting, but we are all exhausted. As I reflect on my experiences here, I... Continue Reading →

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from Thailand! Today most of the group had a Thanksgiving meal at Sizzler. We had a great time catching up since some of us haven't been able to see each other throughout our time in Thailand.     Reflecting on what it means to be "thankful," there are a couple verses in the... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Update

Teaching, outreach, and creating new friendships have filled up the past week for those of us in Bang Kapi. We have continued to build relationships with the students, the staff at Santisuk, and even the street food vendors! It is an awesome feeling to look up one day and see all the ICS members sitting... Continue Reading →

This Weekend in Thailand…

It has been a little over a week since the team has arrived in Thailand! We are enjoying the sunny weather and the great Thai food. We just wrapped up the first week of classes at our Santisuk locations. It has been a joy to meet our students, to learn more about them, and to... Continue Reading →


  Dear readers, We have made it to Thailand! Our first few days here were filled with meeting many wonderful people, learning about the Thai culture as well as how to teach English, and finding out how to deal with 94 degree weather everyday. On Sunday we had to say goodbye to the team members who are teaching at... Continue Reading →

Central Asia

I'm sorry we weren't able to post any updates while we were in Central Asia! Our internet was spotty at best, and we were all very busy with classes. The first day after we arrived was spent with university students working on conversational English and playing games. All of the students were super welcoming and... Continue Reading →

Updates for Our Trip

Hi everyone! We have safely made it to Central Asia! Yay! Due to lack of Internet, we will be posting more updates next week about our experiences. Stay tuned!

We’ve made it to France!

We have arrived at our first destination! After over nine hours of flights and bus rides, we successfully made it to our hotel. After a short break to drop off our bags and freshen up, we were off to the Eiffel Tower!We walked 1,700 steps to the second level. It was a challenge, but we... Continue Reading →

Today is the Day!

Hi everyone! Here we go! The bags are packed, passports and plane tickets sorted, and we've made it to our gate. Thank you for following us on our journey across the world. We are so excited for the many experiences we are about to encounter. We are headed out of Minnesota today and the first... Continue Reading →

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